More Smiles, Fewer Smile Lines: Your Top Treatments for Lower Facial Rejuvenation

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Facial aging doesn’t leave a single one of us untouched. In fact, it starts happening earlier than you might think – your body starts producing less of its skin-firming collagen around age 25! Instead of giving aging the satisfaction of dragging your skin down, you can take control with cosmetic treatments that fight back and […]

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If you have trouble recognizing the person you see in the mirror, it could be that your skin has lost too much collagen. Once you reach age 18, your body produces less and less collagen with each year. This vital protein is important for your joints, your bones, and your skin. When you lose collagen […]

The Aging Face and Sculptra

The Aging Face and Sculptra

The Aging Face and Sculptra. Let’s FACE IT…getting older is not fun, its a fact of life but we can help the LOOK of how old we really are. Do you often feel like you are still in your youthful years and then look in the mirror and wonder, why am I looking older than […]

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