What Can Plasma Pen Treatments Do for Me?

What Can Plasma Pen Treatments Do for Me?

What Can Plasma Pen Treatments Do for Me? There are a lot of ways to look younger – facial fillers, Botox® or similar wrinkle relaxers, chemical peels, microneedling, you name it. But there are some areas and signs of aging that are particularly difficult or impossible to treat with most of these methods, and one of those areas is the delicate skin of your upper eyelids. No filler or other injection will make this area look younger, but one treatment will – Plasma Pen. Our specialist at Timeless Aesthetics, LLC is here to give you a closer look at this unique treatment and what it can do for you.

What Is Plasma IQ Pen? And What Can Plasma Pen Treatments Do for Me?

Plasma Pen is a non-invasive treatment that tightens and lifts your skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s turning back the clock on your skin with no injections, incisions, or needles of any kind. The PLASMA IQ PEN IS ONE OF ONLY TWO DEVICES THAT IS FDA CLEARED. 

Plasma IQ Pen makes use of the thin layer of ionized gas, or plasma ENERGY, that is on top of everyone’s skin. Plasma Pen uses that plasma layer to transmit precise energy into your skin, and this stimulates your body’s natural collagen production. Collagen is the protein that makes skin firmer, smoother, and younger-looking, so you get rejuvenated and lifted skin with fewer wrinkles.

What Can Plasma IQ Pen Do for Me?

Plasma Pen is a particularly versatile anti-aging treatment, so it can tackle several different problem areas and signs of aging. It’s best known for its ability to treat hooded eyelids, wrinkles around the eyes, and other facial AND body wrinkles. The Plasma IQ pen is FDA cleared and so your results are safer. 

Minimize Wrinkles

Plasma Pen is best known for what it can do for the area around your eyes because few other treatments work well for that area, but that’s not where Plasma Pen’s options end. This procedure is also incredibly effective for fine lines and wrinkles throughout your face and other areas too. Our experienced Aesthetic RN Susie Reese can customize your Plasma Pen treatment for wrinkles around your mouth and on your forehead and jawline, or even for your neck or décolleté. This treatment requires a consultation to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure. IT may take several treatments every four months to get good results. 

Enjoying the Benefits of Plasma Pen for Yourself

If you’re tired of dealing with hooded eyelids, wrinkles around your eyes, or other fine lines and wrinkles, Plasma IQ  Pen might be the perfect way to turn it around and start feeling confident in your skin again. To find out if this treatment is an option for you, schedule a free Plasma Pen consultation at Timeless Aesthetics, LLC in Colorado Springs or Castle Rock today.

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