The Aging Face and Sculptra

The Aging Face and Sculptra

The Aging Face and Sculptra. Let’s FACE IT…getting older is not fun, its a fact of life but we can help the LOOK of how old we really are.

Do you often feel like you are still in your youthful years and then look in the mirror and wonder, why am I looking older than I feel?

Here’s what happens as we age…
Let’s talk superficial; We stop producing collagen in our early 20’s and with time and exposure to the sun and environmental toxins, it changes the strength of our skin.

Let’s go Deep; when we are younger we have fat pads locate mostly in the temple region and most of our face. As we age, the fat pads change or significantly decrease. Our bone structure also changes on our face, eye sockets get bigger which sometimes the fat pads underneath suddenly “pop out.”  The septum around our nose also gets larger, thus making your nose longer and/or wider.

With soft tissue and bone structure changing the volume of our face , which once was seen at our temple region to the bottom of cheek-bones, is now at the lower part of our face, creating jowls and losing our dimension.

With the Aging Face Sculptra Aesthetic, I can replace the lost volume and structure that you once had in your youth. The wonderful thing about Scupltra is that it is a gradual process AND lasts 2-3+ years!

It produces your own collagen and that is why it lasts so long.

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About Susie Reese, R.N./B.S.N.
She began her aesthetic experience training and practicing with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Susie quickly learned and refined her skills while giving clients amazing results. Known for her artistic eye while giving a rejuvenated, more youthful and NATURAL result.

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Her clientele travel from different parts of Colorado, California, Texas and from Minnesota to Florida. Some are well known high-profile people who come to Susie because she believes in “not over doing it” while making you look more youthful and beautiful.
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