Underarm Sweat Reduction

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Underarm Sweat Reduction / Hyperhidrosis Treatments Available in Colorado Springs at Timeless Aesthetics, LLC

Picture this: you’re at a special event or out with friends, trying to look fabulous, and then you look down to see those dreaded sweat marks in your armpits. We’ve all been there, but for people with hyperhidrosis, this is a daily occurrence. We want you to be able to live your life without worrying about sweat marks, and that’s why we proudly offer underarm sweat reduction with neuromodulators and Morpheus8.

How Does Underarm Sweat Reduction with Neuromodulators Work?

You already know that Botox® and similar neuromodulators do an exceptional job of smoothing fine lines and wrinkles in specific areas. Did you know they can keep underarm sweat at bay too?

If you have excessive underarm sweat, it’s because your nervous system is overactive in triggering your sweat glands to produce sweat. Neuromodulators work by blocking nerve signals to the specific targeted tissue. When our experienced and skilled nurse practitioner or physician assistant injects these neuromodulators into precise areas of your underarms, they block the nerve signals from activating your sweat glands in the area.

How Does Underarm Sweat Reduction with Morpheus8 Work?

Morpheus8 is one of the most cutting-edge pieces of technology in aesthetics. It combines microneedling with targeted warmth using radiofrequency energy. By customizing the settings, we can tailor the treatment to trigger different effects, like firming your skin and, in the case of your underarms, desensitizing sweat glands. This stops the treated sweat glands from producing excess sweat so you can raise your arms in confidence.

What to Expect from Underarm Sweat Reduction with Neuromodulators

At Timeless Aesthetics, LLC in Colorado Springs, we start every treatment with a complimentary consultation to discuss the treatment with you. The treatment itself is quick and simple. In a matter of minutes, one of our highly experienced injectors will target specific tissue in your underarms. You’ll be able to head back to your fabulous life without downtime, though your provider will give you some aftercare instructions.

After a few days to a week, you’ll start to see the results: less sweat on your underarms. It’s that simple! Results typically last about three months, though this varies from person to person.

What To Expect From Underarm Sweat Reduction With Morpheus8

Morpheus8 is a quick and efficient way to say goodbye to excess sweating. We’ll start by using a topical anesthetic on the area to keep you comfortable. Then, our skilled and experienced providers will customize the settings and treat your underarms with Morpheus8’s microneedling and radiofrequency energy to target your sweat glands. Treatment of hyperhidrosis with the Morpheus 8 is typically achieved in three sessions spaced about four weeks apart.

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