Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Makeup Available in Colorado Springs at Timeless Aesthetics, LLC

Getting tired of the grind that is waking up half an hour early every day to painstakingly apply your makeup? Who isn’t? We won’t even talk about the burden of peaking at yourself every time you pass a mirror to keep an eye on your makeup so you can touch it up ten times a day.

You know your time and energy can be better spent elsewhere, so make the investment in permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a highly precise, tattoo-like process that applies permanent pigment to create the look of makeup staples like brow makeup, eyeliner, and lip makeup.

What Do Permanent Makeup Services Involve?

Your permanent makeup experience is all about customization. You’ll come in and meet with one of our stellar experienced, skilled treatment providers. They’ll chat with you about the look you want, the best shades for you, and more. Using all this, they’ll customize every detail of your treatment.

Throughout the procedure, your provider will use specialized pigments and advanced techniques to embed the ink into your skin with the precise look and shape you want. You’ll typically have two sessions: an initial session and a touch-up session about six weeks later.

Similar to tattooing, permanent makeup sessions can be uncomfortable. We can use an anesthetic cream to numb your treatment area and minimize any discomfort. Keep in mind that each person’s sensations are different. 

How to Get the Best Permanent Makeup Results

Permanent makeup is all about creating a more manicured look that lasts, so you want the best of the best. It’s important to choose your permanent makeup provider based on their skills and experience, and Timeless Aesthetics, LLC is the go-to spot in Colorado Springs. Book a permanent makeup consultation and let’s chat about how you can enjoy your favorite beauty look without daily maintenance.

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