Hylenex® Filler Remover

$150 – 30 Minutes

Hylenex® Filler Remover Available at Timeless Aesthetics, LLC in Colorado Springs

Facial fillers are among the most popular cosmetic treatments, whether you’re getting fillers for your lips, facial wrinkles, cheek hollows, or elsewhere. Most of the time, the results are stunning and align with the look you had in mind. In cases when you no longer want your fillers, you want to reduce your fillers, or you want to adjust the way your fillers look, we can help you customize and adjust your results with Hylenex® filler remover in the Colorado Springs area.

How Does Hylenex® Filler Remover Work?

Hylenex® is an FDA-approved injection that uses a specific material called hyaluronidase. It’s specifically formulated to dissolve hyaluronic acid, the primary ingredient used in most popular dermal fillers like Juvederm® products and Restylane® products.

While your body naturally breaks down facial fillers over time, Hylenex® allows you to quickly reduce your fillers in a precise and efficient way. Our skilled provider can use Hylenex® to accurately and smoothly reduce or remove your fillers.

Why Might I Want to Remove Facial Fillers?

There are many reasons why our clients want to remove or reduce their fillers. You may have wanted a high amount of fillers initially, but you might then change your mind and prefer a less “overfilled” look. In some cases, clients have received facial fillers from inexperienced or unqualified providers at other facilities, giving them results that don’t align with the look they had in mind, so they now want to remove their fillers.

In any case, Hylenex® is a comforting procedure because, if you’re a first-time facial fillers patient or you’re trying something new with your fillers, it’s helpful to know that there is a back-up plan if you don’t like your results.

Getting Your Hylenex® Dermal Filler Remover at Timeless Aesthetics, LLC

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