Epicutis Skincare

Epicutis Skincare Is Available at Timeless Aesthetics, LLC

Allow us to introduce you to Epicutis, a luxury skincare line our clients at Timeless Aesthetics, LLC are absolutely loving!
  • Epicutis Lipid Serum – Formulated with TSC, a small molecule that reduces inflammation, blocks UVA/UVB-induced damage, possesses antioxidant properties, protects collagen, and balances the skin’s microbiome. With only 8 ingredients, our serum works to improve skin hydration, while re-texturizing the surface of the skin for a smoother feel.
    • Product Benefits:
      • Improves skin texture
      • Reduces the appearance of redness and irritation to even out skin tone
      • Promotes overall skin health
  • HYVIA Crème, created with HYVIA, a patented Chia Seed Oil extract. HYVIA is a next-generation moisturizer that improves hydration on the cellular level while strengthening the skin’s barrier. This formulation includes several other active ingredients that enhance and help drive our actives deeper into the skin.
    • Product Benefits:
      • Instantly hydrates the skin
      • Reduces pore size and the appearance of fine lines
      • Strengthens the skin barrier to lock in hydration
      • Enhances natural Hyaluronic Acid production
      • Protects against Blue Light damage
      • Delivers stable Omega 3 & 6 to the skin
  • With their Cleansing Essentials Set, you receive both the Cleansing Oil and Enzyme Exfoliating Powder. Learn more about each of these products below.  This oil cleanser forms micelles around the materials we wish to wash away such as dirt, makeup, oils, etc. These micelles encapsulate them allowing these unwanted materials to wash off with just water. Typical cleansers create these micelles but use detergents that can break down our skin barrier and cause irritation.
    • Product Benefits:
      • Cleanses and relaxes the skin
      • Strengthens the skin barrier to lock in hydration
      • Unclogs pores
      • Melts away dirt and makeup
  • Rather than using microbeads or acids, the Epicutis Enzyme Exfoliating Powder harnesses the activity of natural enzymes to help gently break down dead skin cells and excess oils to boost turnover. Natural enzymes Protease and Lipase work to boost natural turnover, while Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate aids in gently cleansing the skin without stripping away essential moisturization.
    • Product Benefits:
      • Boosts natural skin turnover
      • Promotes healthier-looking skin
      • Cleanses skin while retaining hydration
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