Refund Policy

Refund Policy At Timeless Aesthetics, LLC in Colorado Springs & Castle Rock


  • I fully understand and agree to the treatment of the listed areas, and agree to pay Timeless Aesthetics, LLC the price quoted.
  • If I have paid the price quoted using the Cherry financing program, I acknowledge that I have selected the credit program based on my own evaluation of my options. I have not relied on any recommendation or advice from Timeless Aesthetics, LLC, or its staff with respect to financing. I understand Timeless Aesthetics, LLC has agreements with Cherry financing but does not recommend credit products to customers
  • I clearly understand that my payment is for the procedure(s) performed during the term of the agreement and not for any specific result. NO RESULT IS GUARANTEED. I understand that results will vary with each and every treatment received.
  • Additional treatments may be obtained at an additional price.

Any and all medical cosmetic injectable services which are administered are not refundable. Every client will utilize Botox, Newtox or Dysport, Kybella, or Fillers differently. The risk of ptosis, raised muscle, lower muscle, swelling, redness, or vascular occlusion has been explained prior to treatment. An allergic reaction will be treated and any event of an allergic reaction or adverse reaction is a risk to every client Experiencing such an event will not constitute a refund of the completed treatment.

The client agrees to the injection treatment knowing the risk and has realistic expectations of the results and risk. Medications are administered as approved and ordered by the facility’s medical provider. Needles have a great risk of causing trauma and bruising along with swelling, redness, and tenderness. These reactions are expected and normal with aesthetic injectables. Aesthetic medications are administered by a certified aesthetic injection provider and include on-label and off-label treatment areas based on the client’s desire ad need as ordered.

We encourage all clients new and existing to make a free 2-week follow-up after an appointment.

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