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Truth Skin Care Products

Truth Skin Care Products Available in Colorado Springs at Timeless Aesthetics, LLC

Formulated by Benjamin Fuchs; a registered pharmacist, nutritionist, and skincare chemist for the past 32 years, Truth Treatment System is a collection of pharmacy-potent health products for estheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons.

The products enable dermal processes at the skin cell level and are made from ingredients that activate fibroblasts, normalize keratinocytes, boost the production of extracellular lipids and also stimulate the production of proteins. The good thing about these products is that they don’t change skin chemistry.

Truth Treatment System contains no fillers, preservatives, emulsifiers, waxes, oils, or fragrances. The ingredients make use of the latest biochemical technology and proven strategies (obtained from years of making prescription skin health products) for physicians and patients.  If you’re looking for safe and easy-to-use skincare products that will maintain your skin chemistry, then Truth Treatment System is what you need.


“Better Health is Beautiful with Sprayology”

Founded over ten years ago by sisters Patti and Ellie, who were dealing with aging, illness, and a lack of natural options to help them live better. They created Sprayology to make the experience of using homeopathy effective and enjoyable for the average American household. Sprayology uses science and time-honored natural medicine to enhance healing and well-being with natural, safe, and proven ingredients. Sprayology makes it simple to incorporate natural products into your daily routine. Sprayology has the experience, passion, and drives to create natural options to fit the lifestyle of today’s family. “Better Health is Beautiful with Sprayology!”

Upneeq® Eye Drops

Tired of looking tired? For people with naturally low-lying eyelids that have drooped with age, getting more sleep won’t help. Upneeq® eye drops can, though. These unique prescription eye drops are the only FDA-approved eye drops for acquired ptosis (AKA low-lying lids). They open your lid just enough to give you a more rested, revitalized look on a daily basis. Book an appointment at Timeless Aesthetics, LLC to find out if Upneeq® eye drops are well-suited to the look you want.


People with sensitive skin know all too well that the more ingredients there are cluttering up a skin care product, the higher the chances are that one of those ingredients will irritate their skin. That risk is real for everyone, and that’s why Epicutis decided to cut the clutter and go back to basics. Epicutis is an upscale, science-backed skincare brand that aims for minimal ingredients in every product. They know that simplicity and quality make a difference. Timeless Aesthetics, LLC is proud to offer a wide range of Epicutis products so you can keep your skin in tip-top shape.

Exo|E Skin Revitalizing Complex

Take your skin treatment results to the next level with Exo|E Skin Revitalizing Complex. This innovative and unique skin care product harnesses the power of plant stem cells to empower your healing after a wide range of skin treatments – chemical peels, laser treatments, you name it. This exceptional product helps you heal more quickly and enhances your results so you get that stunning look you want even sooner.

Morpheus8 RF Microneedling Frequently Asked Questions

At our Colorado Springs and Castle Rock med spas, we have the privilege of providing treatments every day that help our patients look and feel amazing. The skin is a living organ, though, so it doesn’t just freeze in its ideal look. You need to care for its health and appearance consistently to keep it looking its best, and that’s what skin care products can do.

Every product is made for a different skin type and designed with a different goal in mind, so it’s difficult to know which ones will work best for you. We’ve got you! Book a skincare consultation with our specialists so we can counsel you on the best options for your unique needs.

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