Timeless Aesthetics LLC MedSpa

Timeless Aesthetics LLC MedSpa

While there are seemingly endless options when it comes to medical spas in Colorado Springs, there’s only one original Timeless Aesthetics LLC MedSpa. With our unique approach that is holistic and wellness-focused, our clients experience something special when they book an appointment with us. Specializing in regenerative cosmetic medicine, we assist our clients in looking their best through procedures that actually treat the root of the issue. Still curious about what makes us the best medical spa to work with in Colorado Springs? Keep reading and we’ll share a few of the reasons why you should have booked an appointment with us last week!

Top reasons why you should consider booking an appointment with Timeless Aesthetics LLC MedSpa

  1. Industry experience galore

With so many medical spas in the area, how can you ensure you’re choosing an option you can trust? With Timeless Aesthetics LLC MedSpa, we enjoy building long-lasting relationships with our clients that start with many years of industry experience. With more than 17 years focused on giving our clients high-quality results, you can trust that our knowledge is top-notch. We aren’t just tooting our own horn though, we believe our many repeat customers speaks volume for our service. Susie Reese, our owner is also well-known in the community for mentoring other RNs and consults with MDs to help start their practices. 

  1.  Award-winning medical spa 

In addition to our many years of industry experience, Timeless Aesthetics LLC MedSpa has also won several awards over the years. We’ve been awarded the 2023 Best of Colorado Springs Silver Medal for Medical Spa. And in 2020 and 2021: Best of Colorado Springs Bronze for both years. We are just getting started though, and look forward to continuing our award-winning streak in 2024 and beyond. Why does this matter? Because you should be working with a medical spa that you trust, and more than just our clients trust us to deliver on this promise to our customers. We hope we can show you soon!

  1. Services, services, services 

Another advantage of working with the original Timeless Aesthetics LLC MedSpa is the many services that we offer. Some of our most popular services include Botox®, Dysport®, Juvederm®, Restylane®, Bellafill®, Jeuveau™ Newtox, Anti-Aging Skincare, Plasma Pen Treatments, Morpheus8, EvolveX Body Contouring, VI Peel, Kybella®, Silhouette Instalift® Threads, and many more! We’d love to show you just how amazing these services can make you feel and look. 

  1. Financing options 

We believe that no one should have to wait to get the services they need due to a lack of financing options, which is why we partnered with Cherry financial services to offer our clients flexibility. With Cherry’s range of monthly payment plans and 0% APR options for qualifying participants, our clients can enjoy getting treated now and paying later. Learn more about our financing options here. 


We hope that these reasons give you everything that you need to make your decision about Timeless Aesthetics LLC MedSpa. We’ve also included a few additional reasons below, in case you want more reasons why you should consider working with us. 


  1. Expertise in Aesthetics: Timeless Aesthetics boasts a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in the latest aesthetic treatments.


  1. Cutting-Edge Technology: The MedSpa utilizes state-of-the-art technology, ensuring clients receive advanced and effective treatments for their aesthetic needs.


  1. Personalized Consultations: Every client receives a personalized consultation to understand their unique goals, allowing for customized treatment plans tailored to individual needs.


  1. Comprehensive Services: From rejuvenating facials to advanced skin treatments, Timeless Aesthetics offers a wide range of services to address various aesthetic concerns.


  1. Focus on Natural Beauty: The MedSpa emphasizes enhancing natural beauty, providing treatments that yield subtle yet impactful results for a refreshed appearance.


  1. Safety First: Timeless Aesthetics prioritizes client safety, following rigorous safety protocols and industry standards to ensure a secure and comfortable experience.
  1. Positive Client Experiences: Numerous satisfied clients have shared positive testimonials, reflecting the MedSpa’s commitment to delivering exceptional results and a high level of customer satisfaction.


  1. Convenient Location: Situated in the heart of Colorado Springs, Timeless Aesthetics LLC MedSpa offers a convenient location for clients seeking top-notch aesthetic services.


  1. Exclusive Membership Benefits: The MedSpa may offer exclusive membership programs with special perks, discounts, and priority booking for regular clients.


  1. Educational Approach: Clients can expect an educational experience, with the staff providing valuable insights into skincare routines and post-treatment care for optimal, long-lasting results.


  1. Holistic Wellness Focus: Timeless Aesthetics takes a holistic approach to beauty, recognizing the connection between overall wellness and aesthetic treatments.


  1. Community Engagement: The MedSpa actively engages with the local community, participating in events and initiatives that contribute positively to the well-being of their clientele.


Need more reasons why you should consider booking with us? Check out this 5-star review from our recent client, Rebecca Moore. 

“I am so incredibly happy with the results I’ve experienced with every treatment at Timeless Aesthetics! Susie is wonderful and always ensures I’m comfortable with the procedure before, during, and after.”

Our owner, Susie Reese, RN is a trusted Aesthetic RN and skincare expert who is loved by skincare enthusiasts everywhere. A professional skincare specialist, Susie has dedicated 17+ years to the art of enhancing the beauty and youthful appearance of her clients. She’s known for her artistic eye and is also fully adept at giving rejuvenated, more youthful, and natural results. She has over 17 years of hands-on experience as a trusted skincare expert has enabled her to create a real-world solution- treatments that are designed for different skin types so that you can get exactly what your face needs to look and feel its best.

Along with her team, Susie offers aesthetic services (like BOTOX®, Dysport®, Bellafill, Sculptra, Restylane®, Juvederm®, microneedling, and LOTS more) that are uniquely designed to help her clients achieve their beauty objectives. She had her aesthetic training with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. This enabled her to quickly learn and refine her skills, thereby enabling her to give her clients the timeless, natural look they crave. Susie has also trained with some of the most renowned national and international aesthetic trainers. This has helped her further refine her ability to give her clients the exceptional results they deserve.

Throughout her career, Susie has worked with clients who trust her and demand professional skincare. This makes her a force to reckon with in the skincare industry. She has worked with high-profile clients from different parts of Colorado, California, Texas, Minnesota, and Florida.

Susie is known for improving the skin conditions of her clients, thereby helping them look more youthful and beautiful. She is recognized as one of the top injectors in Colorado. She has also mentored RNs and consulted with MDs to help kick-start their aesthetic practices.

Timeless Aesthetics, LLC is an award-winning medical spa that strives to provide patients in Colorado Springs with the highest quality skin care products and cosmetic treatments. 

Our cosmetic services include Botox®, Dysport®, Juvederm®, Restylane®, Bellafill®, Jeuveau™ Newtox, Anti-Aging Skincare, Plasma Pen Treatments, Morpheus8, EvolveX Body Contouring, VI Peel, Kybella®, Silhouette Instalift® Threads, and more. 

Timeless Aesthetics LLC has locations in Castle Rock and Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are the best Med Spa in Colorado, offering a wide variety of Medical Spa services such as lip fillers, facial fillers, microneedling, brow and lash services, chemical peels, permanent makeup, hair restoration, and much more. Call today at 719-425-9336‬ to schedule your complimentary skin consultation or schedule an appointment with our online scheduler.

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