Coco Chanel once quipped, “You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40, and irresistible for the rest of your life!” What do Coco Chanel and Susie Reese have in common? Commitment to everlasting beauty! For Coco, it was the unforgettable glamour of the little black dress. For Susie, it is the exceptional use of products that help men and women look younger, more beautiful, and naturally rejuvenated.

“I take the edge off of aging,” says Susie RN/BSN, owner of Timeless Aesthetics in Colorado Springs. “I view myself as a sculptor, an artist with a gentle hand, with my medium being the products that bring together art and science. Beauty should be affordable for everyone. It is not about vanity, it’s about helping people feel great about how they look.”

“Part of my consultation is educating patients and reassuring them that I am on the conservative side, versus the Hollywood look,” she points out. “I am known for helping women and men look more youthful, without others noticing that they have had something done. That’s a fine line.” She notes that men are becoming more open to non-invasive aesthetic procedures, like injections and skin care.

Susie became an aesthetic RN nine years ago, after 20 years as a psychiatric RN. “I have always been very compassionate,” Susie shares. She liked the medical components of nursing, but was drawn to the empathetic aspects of psychiatric nursing. Interested in beauty since a preteen, Susie ultimately found her niche in aesthetic nursing. “Before, I helped people heal from the inside out. Now, I get to help them from the outside in,” she reflects.

After training and practicing with world-renowned board certified plastic surgeons, Susie further refined her skills. She is patient-centered, and listens closely to her patients. Longtime client Loretta Geoghan agrees, “Susie takes the time to get to know her patients and consistently addresses their concerns. Her skills as an aesthetic nurse are second to none. She is truly an artist!”

“Education is important,” Susie continues. “Most patients look in the mirror and point to the nasal labial folds between the nose and corners of the mouth, and the marionette lines from the corner of the mouth to the chin. Cracks or lines are what the patient sees and providers tend to fill them in, repeatedly. Pretty soon you get this weird, primate look.”

“I educate patients about understanding and assessing the aging face. I look at the face three-dimensionally, from the side, from the top of the head, and face on. Nasal labial folds are often the victim of fat loss in the cheeks, the sides of our cheeks, and by the jowls,” Susie explains. As we age, fat pads disintegrate, soft tissue changes, facial bones resorb, and jawlines dramatically decrease in size. We can end up looking like peanut heads, with hollow, lax facial skin. “Rather than filling in the cracks, which is what one sees two-dimensionally, I look at the whole face and treat problems, not symptoms,” she adds. “Many injectors have tunnel vision and treat the wrinkle. I treat what’s causing the wrinkle.”

“Husbands are often afraid of what their wives will end up looking like because of what they see out there—lips coming around the corner before the person does,” Susie says. “Unfortunately, it is the injector’s fault because they are treating the symptom and overfilling, giving an unnatural look. I love doing lips to give a very natural look.”

Former Sculptra representative, Brad Reese, attests “Susie has an amazing aesthetic eye and can make her patients look younger, more beautiful, without looking ‘overdone.’ She is easily the best injector in Colorado.”

Susie mentors RNs and consults with MDs to help begin aesthetic practices. She is in the top 10 percent in the country for Botox use, and in the top percent nationally for use of the collagen stimulator Sculptra. She is excited about Nerium anti-aging cream. “It was accidentally discovered by MD Anderson Cancer Research,” states Susie. “In clinical studies, a camera measured pigment, pore size, skin texture, skin tightening, fine lines, and even emerging lines. With an average 30 percent improvement, the bio-technical company developing Nerium thought there must be an error, and re-tested it,” she asserts. When used with Nerium Day Cream, Susie sees results increase 30 percent more.

Timeless Aesthetics is located at 1750 Telstar Dr #200, Colorado Springs, CO 80920. Contact Susie at 719-425-9336, or visit

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