Your Top Questions About Plasma Pen, Answered

plasma iq pen colorado springs Your Top Questions About Plasma Pen, Answered

Your Top Questions About Plasma Pen, Answered. If you’re on a quest to look as young as you feel, the good news is that there’s a whole world of treatment options out there. The bad news is that it may feel like there are almost too many options, so it’s difficult to know which one is the best fit for you. How do you find the right choice? It all starts with learning what your options are and consulting with an experienced pro like our aesthetic RN to find out. To help you start that journey, we’re answering all your top questions about one of the most revolutionary anti-aging treatments: Plasma IQ Pen.

What Is Plasma IQ Pen and How Does It Work?

Plasma IQ Pen is a cutting-edge treatment that uses microbeams of plasma energy to tighten your skin. THE IQ PEN IS one of only two that is FDA cleared in the U.S. The plasma creates a reaction that immediately tightens your skin and it also stimulates your body’s natural healing process. As part of that healing process, your body produces more skin-firming collagen to give your skin a firmer, smoother texture for the long term.

What Can Plasma IQ Pen Do for Me?

Plasma Pen is incredibly versatile. It’s a great way to reduce sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines throughout just about any area of your face. It’s especially known for one particularly challenging job, though: revitalizing the area around your eyes. This area is particularly sensitive so many facial rejuvenation treatments can’t be used here. Plasma Pen, though, can effectively and safely tackle issues like crow’s feet and hooded eyelids without the need for surgery.

Your Top Questions About Plasma Pen, Answered: What Makes Plasma Pen Unique?

There are a few aspects of Plasma IQ Pen that make it truly special. First of all, it uses a highly advanced and rare technology: targeted plasma microbeams directed into your skin. It stimulates your healing process like laser treatments and microneedling treatments do but in a different way. In fact, for people who don’t love the idea of needles, Plasma Pen is especially appealing.

Second, Plasma Pen is a fantastic treatment for people with busy schedules (i.e., all of us). The procedure itself only takes around 30 minutes, and it has minimal healing time after the treatment so you can get back to living your best life more quickly.

Third and finally, Plasma Pen is unique because of how quickly it produces results. The plasma causes an immediate skin retraction and tightening, so you can immediately see some lift to your skin. Because it also triggers collagen production, Plasma Pen produces long-term results too. You’re getting the best of both worlds with one unique treatment.

Where Can I Get Plasma IQ Pen Skin Tightening?

If you’re tired of dealing with hooded eyelids, fine lines, and wrinkles, you’re in luck! We offer Plasma IQ Pen treatments right here at Timeless Aesthetics, LLC in Colorado Springs and Castle Rock. Call us to book your consultation today.

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